The Purple Fork

I don’t think there’s been more anticipation for a new restaurant in Sparta like there has been for the opening of The Purple Fork in a long time. Partly because of the long and extensive renovations, and partly because of all the rumors circulating about the restaurant’s mysterious owner, Sparta has been anxiously awaiting the opening of the gorgeous new wood and iron front doors. Because my hubby has been doing the renovations on the building with his company, J.A. Sergio and Sons, Inc., I’ve gotten to see a lot of the progress as it’s happened. I recently sat down with owner Marquest and did an interview for a story for the upcoming Progress and Discover Sparta magazines, as well as setting up some photos to introduce him to Sparta. I hope everyone loves him and his restaurant. He has more passion in his little finger than many people experience in a lifetime! I’m looking forward to more projects together as he moves forward in his grand opening!

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