CC’s BOWtique photo shoot

Christen is going to have a spot at Broadway Boutique Mall in Cookeville, and we got together today to take some pictures for her display. It became evident very quickly that I desperately need my AC unit installed upstairs in the studio. We’ve had a mini-split unit for years but need to get it installed. And ASAP! Eva was ready for nap time and was cranky enough, but I think the heat just made it worse. At over eight months pregnant, it was pretty tough on me as well! We still managed to get some good shots for the display though! This will be the second of three places that will have my work on display. Infinity Adult Day Center has one photo, and Infinity Birthing Center will also have one on display. Pretty exciting!

And because big brother didn’t want to be left out, he posed for the camera as well!

IMG_8222 copy

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